SDL visit Chiang Dao

SDL Bangkok visit Chiang Dao
Five members of SDL Bangkok lead by Winston Wong visited Rejoice to observe first hand the work carried out by Rejoice in a field location.  The group, together with the Rejoice Team and Dr. Martin Huddart made an overnight visit to Chiang Dao where they distributed scholarships to eight of the children sponsored by SDL. They also witnessed an Education and Prevention session at a school in Chiang Dao and a home-care visit to a Lahu hill-tribe village.

A very successful visit only dampened by the very cold weather they experienced. It was one of the coldest daytime temperatures ever recorded in Chiang Mai; Noon temperature 12 degC  this in the tropics in January.  Dr. Martin remarked that the temperature in London (from where he had recently arrived) was 16 degC.

 SDL visit