Logo single 100HObjectives

Rejoice's Goal is to provide the much needed medical and social support system to the poor, sick and under-privileged living in Chiang Mai's villages and the surrounding hill areas. In particular, working together with HIV health care workers from rural hospitals, Rejoice addresses the diverse array of medical and social needs of HIV/AIDS affected people.


Rejoice Charity provides medical, social and educational support to communities infected with and affected by HIV/Aids
Rejoice has no religious or political affiliation and does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, socio-economic status, sexual orientation or ability.
Based in the city of Chiang Mai, Rejoice Mobile Clinic visits communities as far afield as Mae Ai in the north to Chom Thong in the south.


Logo single 100HLiving with HIV 

Supporting; children, families and communities in rural Chiang Mai Province

Providing; formula milk, palliative medicines, food provisions, school scholarships

Emotional support; counselling, community meetings focused on education and prevention of HIV and other STDs.

Logo single 100HMaking a Differece

Rejoice's programmes cater to a variety of needs, there are HIV/AIDS medical care, HIV/AIDS education and prevention programmes, free infant formulas, education sponsorships and one to one counselling.
The distribution of infant formulas has been very effective. Apparently, babies born to infected mothers may not develop HIV/AIDS if not breastfed.

What we do

Supporting Communities Living with HIV


HIV Outreach ClinicsP1010038The Outreach Team makes weekly visits to over 300 patients and their families in established clinics in 6 diverse areas of Chiang Mai Province.

Support for People Living with HIV

HIV Home CareImpassable Home care visit are made to over 350 patients in co-operation with HIV health care workers, to the more isolated villages and communities.

Home Care Network


HIV Infant Formula Milk ProgrammeMilk18

The formula milk programme serves 13 pre-school children including 4 babies recently born to HIV +ve mothers.

Babies in Need


School Scholarship ProgrammeSDL Children 2015A

73 students benefit from the School Scholarship Programme mainly supported by individuals on an annual basis.

Scholarship Appeal

HIV volunteers Exchange MeetingsGroup18

Annual Excahange Meetings are hosted to bring together the volunteer HIV health care workers from all hospitals to discuss experiences and problems whilst enjoying each others company.

HIV Volunteers

HIV Education and Prevention ProgrammeEP18

Education and Prevention Meetings sponsored by Rejoice are held together with hospital healthcare volunteers at various venues. Each year over 500 youth and HIV patients attended the meetings.

Sexual Health and HIV Awareness