Healthcare Exchange

Healthcare Exchange

The Second healthcare Exchange meeting took place on 23rd February 2016 at Pong Ang Hot Spring near Chiang Dao.  Healthcare volunteers from Chiang Dao, Mae Ai and Wiang Haeng got together and discussed the various aspects of their their work.  The major talking point was lack of adherence to treatment amongst many patients because of the nature of their work.  Many work in the seasonal farming and agricultural industries and move location frequently, often between districts resulting in loss of contact with the hospital which is issuing the medicines.  Not only is this difficult for the agricultural workers but also for the healthcare volunteers to know their whereabouts. Also stigma of new co-workers and/or employer finding out their status.


Gee (the only person at the meeting HIV negative) also demonstrated the rapid test kits, which Dr.Martin Huddart brought from the UK on his recent visit to Chiang Mai. Gee told the healthcare workers that the kits would be available on future home care visits.  However it was pointed out that strict attention to pre-test counselling and post-test counselling must always be maintained.

 Below is the manufacture's YouTube video demonstration of the use of the Rapid Test Kit.  (Please note the video was made for a UK audience).



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