UNAIDS Country Statistics 2015

UNAIDS Statistics by Country

A major report on the sate of HIV throughout the world has been published by UNAIDS.

The full report for The Asia and Pacific Region can be found at http://www.aidsdatahub.org/

Below are bullet points of the main findings of the report:

¨Fewer than 1 out of 10 people living with HIV worldwide live in a country where the science of immediate antiretroviral therapy or “treatment on demand” is currently policy for all people. Instead, many are sent home from clinics after diagnosis, to come back only once they are sick enough to be eligible for treatment.

¨Of the 114 countries with published guidelines, 101 countries will need to move quickly to adopt the current global consensus to provide ART for all irrespective of CD4 cell count (often referred to as T-helper cells). Fifty- five countries are severely out of compliance (even with the previous WHO guidelines), and only provide for treatment initiation at either

¨The 13 countries that offer immediate treatment to all people with HIV represent just 4.4% of the estimated global burden of 1.2 million AIDS related deaths in 2014.

¨The majority of the global burden of HIV is among low and middle-income countries, while all 13 countries that extend HIV treatment for all are either high- income (62%) or upper middle-income (38%).

¨The average Gross National Income (GNI) per capita among the 13 countries adhering to WHO recommended standards of care is $29,388, whereas for the 20 countries accounting for approximately 80% of global disease burden, the average GNI per capita is only $9,003.

¨Across all countries, people living with HIV experience other routine barriers to quality treatment, including outmoded models of clinical care, poor quality of treatment effectiveness monitoring, intellectual property barriers that prevent affordable access to the most effective medicines with the least side-effects, and stigma, discrimination and criminalization that undermine access to quality, non-judgemental services.


Below is the info-graphic for Thailand

Thai Stats 1