Tulips from Amsterdam?

Bow,Bank with mum

No!  Cheese from Alkmaar

Frank, Wendy and daughter Anouk have been sponsoring twins Narin (Bank) and Mayuree (Bow) for several years, the twins will be 19 years old next February  Mayuree is studying chemistry at Rajabhat University and Narin is in his final year at high school.  They both live with their HIV+ve mother, their father having deserted the family.

Frank-AnoukFrank and Wendy hail from The Netherlands.  Previously, Frank worked for BP (British Petroleum) in West Africa.  He and Wendy bought a house near Chiang Mai where Wendy lived whilst Frank was away working in the Oil Industry.  BP has a scheme whereby they match donations their employees make to an approved charity.  Thus, Rejoice and the twins benefited twofold from Frank and Wendy's donations.  In 2013 Frank left BP and is now working as a consultant based in Alkmaar, a city in the north of The Netherlands.  Although the family have returned to The Netherlands they still maintain their house in Hang Dong near Chiang Mai and allow friends who visit Thailand to use it free of charge - they ask the visitors to drop money into a collection box for their favourite charity, Rejoice.

Last week Frank and daughter Anouk popped into the Rejoice office and dropped of a donation from themselves together with the donations from their friends in the collection box.  Frank and Wendy will also continue the annual sponsorship of Mayuree's and Narin's education which comes up for renewal in March 2015.

Now back in Alkmaar, no doubt looking forward to skating on the canals and eating lots of cheese this festive season.




Thank you Frank, Wendy and Anouk.  Looking forward to your next visit to Chiang Mai. 


Breugal ice skating


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