One man's trash is another.....

One man's trash is another man's fortune

Connie Low and family together with a group of like minded people make regular donations of clothing, toys, school materials etc. for the the poor people living with HIV in Chiang Mai province.


Arm, Gee and Wi with Connie's donation

The boxes,particularly the ones with warm clothing, have arrived at a good time since the temperature in Northern Thailand can drop to single figures (degrees centigrade) in winter.  If you consider that many people in rural areas live in houses built of bamboo with no heating then gifts of clothing and blankets are always thankfully received.

Connie and husband Ray run a blog showing a timeline of the development of their three young children. In the blog is a Instagram link, "One man's trash is another man's fortune" where Connie uses the phrase to highlight the the collection of donated items to be sent from Singapore to Chiang Mai.


Connie blog














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Bampen Jaiglar
Rejoice Charity
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