Kannika's Graduation


Sarapee, Chiang MaI 50140

June 3rd 2021

              Hello Mr.Lee,

I have good news


Hello Mr.Lee,

I have good news for you today! Now that I’ve graduated with a high vocational certificate, I want to continue to further my education. I’ve been accepted into Rajabhat University! The registration and payment for the semesters have to be done between the 4th – 9th of June. I’ve attached some information along with my graduation pictures.

I’m still working at Tesco Lotus. I work morning shifts some days, evening shifts on other days, my shifts always alternate. They also gave me a free Covid-19 test too! My results came back negative, no signs of the virus. Have you gotten the Covid vaccine Mr.Lee? Have you experienced any side effects? I haven’t gotten the vaccine myself, I don’t know when that’s going to be possible yet.

Finally, I hope you’re doing well Mr.Lee. I hope you’re strong and healthy! I really hope that maybe in 3 or 4 years, if the Covid-19 situation gets better, and when I finish my studies, we can meet again and celebrate our successes together!

With respect,


Translated by Victoria at Rejoice