Adherence to Therapy a Problem for Many.....

Adherence to Therapy a Problem for Many Teenagers

Suchat is now 16 years old and HIV positive since birth. We featured Suchat in a previous SWAY, "Impact and Outcomes". These previous notes are added here for completeness.

We are very concerned for Suchat, a Lahu boy who will be 15 years old on 8th January 2017. He lives in the village of Hua Jakan where over 90% of the villagers are Lahu.

Lahu is the language of the village and Suchat’s parents can’t speak Thai. His parents work in the surrounding fields and leave Suchat to on his own during the day time. Suchat has not been to school for at least 7 months and the health care workers noticed that he has not been taking his medicine regularly.
The photos show Gee and the healthcare workers visiting Suchat recently. He was not at school but at home.


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