Recent visitors and donors

This time of year the weather in Chiang Mai is usually perfect, hot sunny days and cool evenings and Rejoice is fortunate to receive visits and donations from individuals from various countries.

Thank you all

Barbara Lavender (Boulder, Colorado,USA)

Ellen and Sjaak (Maastricht, The Netherlands)

Lee Kingston (St. Etienne de Fontbellon, France)

Prithi Verma (Buddies Society of Ipoh Malaysia)

Ho Terri (Hong Kong)

Connie Huang Low (Singapore)

Janet Law (Singapore)

Calvin Chua (Singapore)

Mathew Smith (Sussex, UK)

David Armitage (Bristol, UK)

Ming and David (Malaysia)

Winston Wong (Th)

Frank and Wendy Claes (NL)

Aloyisius Teo (Sg)


And, a very special THANK YOU to Wight Wong and the members of the FRS group - Friends of Rejoice Singapore

Wan Shi Sheng

Samantha Sim

Mr. Chia

Poon Pak Lin

Poon Poh Kheng

Ivy and Ivan Yeo and family


Who made extra special donations ahead of the Chinese New Year 2018


Also, to BCTFN (British Community in Thailand Foundation for the Needy)  under the auspices of the British Embassy. 

BCTFN organise a huge fair in Bangkok - The Ploenchit Fair every November the proceeds of which are distributed amongst charities.

 And, last but certainly not least, Wendy Wong not only made a special donations for the baby twins she is supporting but also for her wonderful efforts making for sale bead-work dolls.

Below is a SWAY presentation of her work.



Also, a big thank you to Lee Kingston who was here early in the year to support to visit Kannika, his scholarship student.  

Below is a SWAY presentation of his journey and time spent with Rejoice.