Doi Wiang Pha National Park

On Friday 24th February 2017, Rejoice hosted the third Healthcare Exchange meeting.  This meeting was organised together with volunteers from Chai Prakan hospital and took place at Doi Wiang Pha National Park. 

The object of the meeting was to allow HIV volunteer workers from the various areas of the province to meet each other again and exchange ideas and to encourage HIV volunteers from other rural hospitals to start a group in their area. We also invited Plan International who are also assisting in our “Education and Prevention Programme” by providing videos and booklets aimed at children and youths. 

The SWAY below show the group at the venue, a beautiful area to relax and spend the evening. Arm and Wi choose to camp in their tents but both complained of being cold during the night. The sensible members of the group stayed in the accommodation provided by the National Park.