Education at Baan Mae Na School

Education at Baan Mae Na School

Teens nowadays don’t have proper knowledge on sex education and they lack of self-control. This causes teen pregnancy which in Thai culture isn’t very accepted. Of course there are ways of solving these problems but there would be side effects that can be bad for their health. If teenagers have the proper knowledge on this particular topic, they wouldn’t have to deal with these problems such as teen pregnancy and STD’s. “Not having sexual intercourse is the best way to protect yourself from teen pregnancy and STD’s but not everyone will choose the right way.”

Rejoice Charity sees the importance of this, so we collaborated with HC WK and Nurses from the HIV/Aids and STD’s section from Chiang Dao Hospital to host an educational event talking about this topic. The event is called, “Up To Me”, aimed for 7th – 8th grade students from Baan Mae Na Chiang Dao School. The event is hosted in a meeting room with 35 of the students participating.

From the student’s feedback, the event was very successful, everyone was interested and they hope that Rejoice Charity can host more such events in the future.



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