Day Care Nursery New Year Party

Mae Ho Nursery New Year Party

On Friday the 30th of December 2016, Mae Ho Migrant Daycare Nursery collaborated with Rejoice Charity to host a New Year’s Party for children and their parents. The teacher, Kru Rath, asked us to convey her gratitude to Carol Foo from Singapore FRS (Friends Rejoice of Singapore) who contributes fruit, milk, eggs and provisions each month.  The parents helped to cook lunch after which presents were handed out to all the children. This New Year’s event was successful as the children were happy to be a part of it. We hope to work with sponsors to bring such a great event like this in the future.

The children (aged between 1.6 to 3 years) are mainly from migrant families and their parents work in the fields or orchards during the day and pay 400 baht per month for the child to attend the day care. The Daycare is open from 7am untill 16.00 Monday to Friday.  At weekends the children must go with their parents to the fields.

Those parents who are migrant workers now have a “PINK CARD” which signifies they can work in Chiang Mai Province only

The building was built and decorated with funding and labour from students of PREM International school.