SDL Sponsor 15 Students


 SDL Language Services have been supporting Rejoice for over 7 years. Without the help and advice of Winston Wong, SDL's Thailand country manager, Rejoice probably would not exist today. SDL's support and encouragement following Steve Hallam's death was instrumental in the revival of Rejoice.

Still continuing today, SDL has renewed sponsorship for 15 needy students who otherwise may not have been able to attend school. Also, SDL continues contributing to the medicine and formula milk programmes as well the general running costs of Rejoice.

Some of the children are HIV/Aids orphans being looked after by grandparents or other relatives. Some are also HIV+ and receive free anti-retroviral drugs from the small hospital in Chiang Dao town.
SDL Language services are based in Maidenhead, England, a picturesque town on the river Thames west of London. Each year SDL allocates a portion of its profit to needy communities worldwide.
On behalf of the Rejoice and all the recipients in Chiang Mai province - THANK YOU SDL!